There are many ways to participate in the future of embedded Linux development. a user

It is easy to become a Yocto Project user. All you have to do is use the tools! And we provide many ways to do that. For more information, see the Quick Start Guide - all you have to do is download the tools, configure settings, and start a build. Also see the Download and Tools & Resources sections. a community member

Join the Yocto Project community! For most people there is no better way to learn something than to discuss it and teach others. The Yocto Project provides mailing lists, IRC channels, a bugs database, and a wiki where you can participate with others. In addition, join us at one of the many events we attend or sponsor each year. a leader in your organization

Most organizations have become Member or Supporting Organizations because of an individual champion within an organization. We want to support your effort to become that champion in any way we can. Visit the presentations and video pages to download specific presentations, as slides and often as video. Find a mentor within the governance organization. And explore the possibility of registering your organization as a Yocto Project Participant, or a specific product as Yocto Project Compatible. a technical leader or maintainer

With time and effort, you can become a maintainer of your own feature layer or BSP layer, or help maintain one of the sub-systems or internal projects. The best way to do this is to start participating in the community on the mailing list and on IRC, and submit patches for the known issues and desired features described in our bugs database  It is vitally important to be in contact with the community for these activites, and not to develop in secret - otherwise, you may be duplicating effort that someone else is already doing. an administrative leader

The Yocto Project welcomes organizations to be part of the administrative team as active members of the Advisory Board. For more information on this, see the How to Join page.