The 2.0 release is getting close, and the Toaster contributors have submitted their last patches upstream. This means we know how Toaster 2.0 is going to look like. In fact, you can know too by looking at our toaster-next branch.

The bulk of the 2.0 development effort has gone into code refactoring, and it has paid off: this will be the most stable and reliable Toaster we've ever released. It really can build anything you throw at it, including your own custom layers. We have also made small improvements to the web interface, particularly in the project configuration pages.

Under the hood, we made a lot of progress on something we call "image customisation": the ability to add and remove packages from images. When we release the feature in 2.1, you will be able to create your very own image recipes using Toaster.

We have also designed a custom visual theme, which means Toaster will look quite different in 2.1. You can get a sneak peek if you are curious.

Until all that exciting 2.1 stuff happens, I've used the relative quietness of the code freeze to record a couple of Toaster video tutorials. One explains how to create custom images for the MinnowBoard MAX. The other, how to import and build your custom layers with Toaster. You can watch them below.

As usual, feel free to send your questions, feedback and random thoughts to the Toaster mailing list

Building custom images for the MinnowBoard MAX

Importing and building your custom layers with Toaster