Hob is now gone
On February 25th Paul Eggleton wrote an email to the Yocto Project and the OpenEmbedded architecture mailing lists with subject Removing Hob from 2.1. A few days later, Brian Avery stepped in to do the honours. And yesterday, Richard Purdie finished the job.

Hob is no more. It was our first experiment on providing a graphical way of interacting with the OpenEmbedded build system. We learnt a lot from it, and many of those lessons we have applied to Hob's replacement: Toaster

If you were using Hob, and find yourself in the situation of having to use Toaster for the first time, we want to hear from you. If you try it and find it broken or incomprehensible, that it's missing features or doesn't work the way you expected, please let us know. You are our only way to know what needs to be fixed and what could be improved. You can reach us via the Toaster mailing list

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