To register compliance for use of the Yocto Project Participant logo/text:

  1. Complete this web form. Please indicate in the comments how you are using the Yocto Project, and how your organization is visibly participating in the project.
  2. Email will be sent to the Yocto Project Advisory Board and you will receive a confirmation.
  3. When you have received approval from the Advisory Board, you may use the logo / text treatment
Contact information
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Visibly participating in the Yocto Project community. Please describe your participation in the comments section below.
Working towards and supporting the aims and objectives of the Yocto Project. These include decreasing the fragmentation of embedded ecosystem and focusing around a common shared set of tools, formats and best practices. We want to avoid multiple groups of people repeating the same work and have one set of great tools rather than multiple tools with drawbacks.
Committed to promoting the OpenEmbedded architecture, layer model, and BSP format.
Are all your publicly accessible layers listed in the OpenEmbedded Layers index (
Committed to sending to the open source community any patches to OpenEmbedded-Core, BitBake and other Yocto Project layers.
Aiming for compatibility and interoperability among different metadata layers.
Are a non-profit, small business (up to 60 employees), or existing Yocto Project member organization, or if the project's parent organization is an open-source project.
If you answered "No" to any of the criteria above, please explain.
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