The Yocto Project Branding Program strengthens the project's strategic initiatives by providing guidelines for the use of its branding. This program provides a minimum level of standardization in order to enable both individual contributors and corporate members to deliver implementations which support the project's goals and contribute to its ecosystem. In addition, this program is intended to provide concrete benefits by associating a common set of definitions with the use of the Yocto Project branding. Some of the goals of the Yocto Project that the program is intended to strengthen include:

  • Reduce fragmentation in the embedded market by encouraging collaborative development of a common set of tools, standards, and practices.
  • Ensure that these tools, standards, and practices are architecturally independent as much as possible.

Compliance as defined by the Yocto Project governs the rights for the usage of the project name, logo, and marks in association with products, marketing materials, and announcements. The Yocto Project brand guidelines (see attachment below) describe how members that follow these compliance guidelines are allowed to use these rights. As with Linux, compliance affects the commercial use of resulting products or projects created by the Yocto Project. Personal use cases are not covered. Note: The Yocto Project adheres to the guidelines set up by the Linux Foundation. Your right to use this mark is conditioned to conforming to the Trademark Guidelines.

Levels, Recommendations and Terminology

The Yocto Project Branding Program defines steps to register for both individual and corporate members. In general, those who wish to participate in the program should complete the form appropriate to the status for which they are applying, either Yocto Project Participant or Yocto Project Compatible as described below:

  • Yocto Project Participant is appropriate for organizations who use and support the Yocto Project publicly. Participant status is open to open source projects, non-profits, and small companies up to 80 employees, as well as any organization currently serving as a Yocto Project member organization.
  • Yocto Project Compatible is appropriate for products, BSPs and other OE-compatible layers, and related open-source projects. These components must be maintained and submitted by an open source project, non-profit, or Yocto Project member organization.

The main difference between these two designations encompasses what is being registered - organizations are Participants, while products and software components are Compatible. For example, a company may register itself as a Participant and then register appropriate products as Compatible.

Yocto Project Brand Documentation

The Yocto Project logo and branding assets may only be used by express permission of the Advisory Board.

Yocto Project Branding Program Registration

NOTE: When submitting applications, please indicate in the comments section how you are using the Yocto Project and how you are visibly participating in the project.

To register as a Yocto Project Participant, please visit the Yocto Project Participant Registration page.

To register as Yocto Project Compatible, please visit the Yocto Project Compatible Registration page.

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