• Build Appliance: Eating Your Own Dog Food

    For years people talk about eating your own dog food and using the environment you build to actually do the build, well we went and did just that with the  Yocto Project Build Appliance. We have created an image which after some tuning and tweaking can start up the Hob tool running on a Poky-based system.

    It a full system that includes the downloads directory so that it could be installed behind a corporate firewall, but has the capability to set proxies to get additional source packages.

  • A quick Yocto-grid

    FRI2 build status displayHere in Hillsboro, Oregon, we have an open office area, and I really wanted a monitor set up which would display the status of our Yocto Project autobuilder for all to see. Since

  • The Yocto-yumminess of our BSPs

    If you're a geek like me, you might find yourself watching some science fiction movie or show and wondering "why is it that we have no problem talking to extraterrestrials?" Sure, a wookie on Star Wars may speak some strange tongue, but the humans all seem to understand wookie and Chewbaca can understand human really well. How can this be possible?

  • Progress on Yocto Project v1.2

    After a dose of warmer weather, those of us on the west coast of the US are experiencing a return to winter for a little while. Strange how I can have a talk with folks like Tom Zanussi who are suffering from 80 degree (F) heat in Chicago or BIll Mills in Maryland while my poor toes are turning blue from the cold. Boo hoo, I know. Portland is pretty close to paradise for me as a place to live, but there are moments when it gets just a bit rainy.

  • Yocto Project Developer Day at ELC

    If you are making plans for the Embedded Linux Conference in Redwood Shores, CA this February, make sure to include the day before the conference. On Tuesday, February 14, the Yocto Project presents its first Developer Day, with two tracks of content, hands-on labs, and access to Yocto Project developers. Best of all, the day is free to all attendees. ELC attendance is not required (though it is highly encouraged!).

  • Why Maintenance Releases Matter

    As the calendar year winds down, I find myself tapping away at the keyboard at my sister's house in Denver, Colorado in a snowstorm. I just spent the morning digging out our rental car and shoveling my sister's driveway and her next-door neighbors. It is a time like this to reflect and, yes, to remember that one of the reasons I moved to Portland, Oregon was to escape the snow!

    This has been a busy month in the Yocto Project, with all kinds of activity jumping along: