• Real-Time, Real-Fast, and Real-Small

    Wrapping up things for the upcoming Yocto 1.1 release tends to keep us all heads down hammering away. Let me take a momemnt to share what I've beeing working on. We are fortunate to have a base kernel version alignment between Yocto and the PREEMPT_RT tree. Yocto 1.1 will include a refreshed real-time kernel and I have expanded real-time support to all the meta-intel BSPs as well as several of those from oe-core and meta-yocto.

  • Yocto 1.1 - the Beta Test

    We finished up all of our expected feature development on the Yocto Project version 1.1, due out in October. After some stabilization and bug fixing, we're encouraging everyone to try out our bits. Would you check it out? You just need a Linux system (a recent release of Fedora or Ubuntu works best) and the necessary workarounds for git and http to work with any network proxy you might have. (Instructions for this are below).

  • Go Big or Go Home

    A couple of months ago, the Yocto Project reached a kind of strange milestone. Some of my friends like Bill Mills suggested I should be blogging about it, but for some reason it was hard for me wrap my head around it. Here's my attempt.

    It was on May 19, 2010 that someone sent an email (Hi, Sven!) suggesting the name "Yocto" for our new embedded Linux project. We had been really struggling to come up with a good name, something which would not be offensive in other languages and which was not already taken.

  • Fresh Yocto Code - the M2 milestone release for embedded Linux goodness

     Today we dropped another development milestone build for the Yocto Project. Introducing the M2 build.

    Our intent for these regular milestone drops is to synch up everything in the project and pause feature develoment, stabilize the software through some QA runs and bug fixing, and make it available to you, the community. This way you can evaluate the progress we have made, help identify and/or fix bugs and accelerate us to completion. It's also a way for us to be totally transparent in the project.

  • High Velocity Embedded Everything

    The David Stewart home was in serious want of a stereo upgrade. The old setup was from the analog days, and with the dominance of Internet, High Definition and Blue Ray, I needed a digital-enabled hub. Those who know me personally will tell you that I tend to be somewhat, um, conservative in spending money, so I had been putting off the upgrade for as long as I could. Thankfully, my friend Saul had recently updated his setup, so I could take advantage of some of his shopping research.

    What I wanted was a mid-priced receiver with HDMI inputs and outputs.

  • Progress on the next Yocto Project release

    We had a lot of excitement last April when we launched the 1.0 version of the Yocto Project. We celebrated a little while, and then got ourselves back to work to begin working on the next release of the Yocto Project, due in October.

    The Yocto Project Advisory Board made a recommendation that we keep things simple on naming this next release. So we're calling it "version 1.1." We laid out our proposed features at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit with those who were interested in collaborating, and we started work on design and cutting code.

  • Yocto Project 1.0.1 Released

    We are pleased to announce the Yocto Project's first bug-fix release. This release updates the Poky build tools to 5.0.1, adds support for Fedora 14 and Ubuntu 11.04, improves the usability of BitBake's shared state feature, fixes over 60 bugs, and updates several key manual. See the release notes for more details, including download information.

  • The Board and its Many Faces

    We had a great face-to-face meeting at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit (LFCS) of what we were calling the Yocto Project Steering Group. In case you are worried that such a meeting is in plush surroundings, let me set you straight right away.

    Linux Collab Summit - Advisory Board Face to face