Organization: Timesys

Timesys’ LinuxLink 5.0 is a set of tools that includes Bakery, an intuitive web UI that enables you to quickly and easily jump start your embedded Linux based development using Yocto Project standards — with no prior experience needed. Using the Bakery tool to create your custom image, you simply select a machine, customize your configuration and then download and run the Timesys-generated installer to set up the development environment required to build it.

With LinuxLink 5.0, users get:

• Semiconductor and board vendors’ Yocto Project based reference BSPs as the preferred starting points for customizations,
• One-stop access to many third-party metalayers, enabling easy integration of other software,
• Use of Timesys’ TimeStorm IDE — which auto-detects Yocto Project SDKs — for 30 days,
• Access to development downloads including starting points and demo images,
• Access to documentation including Getting Started guides and HowTo docs and whitepapers,
• Access to addtitional development resources including video demos, webinars, podcasts and
• Access to support for build issues.

You can use LinuxLink 5.0 for free at

Yocto Project Compatibility Information
Yocto Project Compatible: Yes
Compatible with Yocto version/s: 1.8 2.0 2.1