The Yocto Project welcomes contributions from all types of people. You can contribute code, submit patches, file bugs, answer questions on our mailing lists and IRC channels, review and edit our documentation and much more! The Yocto Project community includes platform developers, equipment and device manufacturers and other embedded Linux professionals and enthusiasts. In short, people who are doing interesting work on the Yocto Project.

Our participation page has more information about the Yocto Project structure and how you can contribute.

There is a weekly technical call that is open to everyone. For more information, including dialup numbers, please see the Weekly Technical Call page.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you contribute to the Yocto Project community:

  • Do a thorough search to see if your question has already been answered. Be sure to check the FAQ.
  • Read all documentation and wiki documentation to see if you can find an answer.
  • Adhere to our community guidelines when you contribute.
  • Adhere to our contribution guide, which describes how to submit patches.
  • Adhere to our patch style guide when submitting patches. This page describes how to properly format patches so the Yocto Project maintainers can use them.