The Yocto Project has a friendly community providing informal support and discussion, and we welcome your contributions in our mailing lists and IRC channels. You can click one of the links below to sign up for a particular list. All lists are publicly archived.

Technical Mailing Lists

General Lists

Project-Specific Lists

* The Yocto Project shares maintainership of the OpenEmbedded Core and BitBake components with the OpenEmbedded Project.

BSP and Layer-Specific Lists

  • linux-yocto: Discussion list for the linux-yocto layer, which hosts a tested Linux kernel.
  • meta-amd: Discussion list for the meta-amd layer covering AMD architectures
  • meta-ti: Discussion list for the meta-ti layer covering Texas Instruments architectures.
  • meta-freescale: Discussion list for the meta-freescale layer covering Freescale architectures.
  • meta-intel: Discussion list for the meta-intel layer covering Intel architectures.
  • meta-mentor: Discsussion list for the meta-mentor layer, which contains a distro configuration and supplementary files for Mentor Embedded Linux.
  • meta-virtualization: Discsussion list for the meta-virtualization layer enabling hypervisor, virtualization tool stack, and cloud support
  • meta-xilinx: Discussion list for the meta-xilinx layer.
  • meta-lsi: Discussion list for the meta-lsi layer.

Administrative Mailing Lists

For more information about how to participate in these discussions (and what not to do), you should read our Community Guidelines.