The Yocto Project proudly presented the 2nd Yocto Project Developer Day on November 8, 2012, at the Hotel Fira Palace in Barcelona, Spain. This free event was co-located with the Linux Foundation's LinuxCon Europe and Embedded Linux Conference Europe. The event featured tracks for both new and advanced users with hands-on labs. Lunch was provided.



Welcome & Lightning Talks
09:00–09:45 VERDI
Philip Balister—OpenEmbedded
Bill Mills—Texas Instruments
Khem Raj—Juniper Networks
Davide Ricci—Wind River Systems
Dave Stewart—Intel
Moderator: Sean Hudson—Mentor Graphics
Representatives from the Yocto Project Advisory Board discuss their organizations’ relationships with the Yocto Project and why they chose to join the project.
Yocto Project Advisory Board Panel Q&A
09:45–10:30 VERDI
Philip Balister—OpenEmbedded
Sean Hudson—Mentor Graphics, Bill Mills—Texas Instruments
Khem Raj—Juniper Networks
Davide Ricci—Wind River Systems
Dave Stewart—Intel
Moderator: Lieu Ta—Wind River Systems
Interactive Q&A panel discussion with Advisory Board members.

New User Track

Introduction to the Yocto Project
10:45–12:45 VERDI
Bruce Ashfield & Mark Hatle—Wind River Systems
Introduce the Yocto Project to new developers. This session will include information about what the Yocto Project is, who is
involved in the Yocto Project, and information about the reference distribution build environment.
Introduction to the Yocto Project: Lab 1 & 2
13:45–15:20 & 15:40–17:15 ROSSINI 1 & 2
Scott Garman & Saul Wold—Intel
Create your own custom embedded Linux® using an industry supported, open source infrastructure designed for embedded use—the Yocto Project ( Test your newly created Linux OS with the QEMU emulator and see how easy it is to rebuild it for your target hardware platform with a single configuration change. Learn a faster and more cost effective means to develop a custom embedded Linux image for your prototype or product. In this hands-on lab, students will learn how the Yocto Project build system is organized, how to write Bitbake recipes, and customize their Linux OS images. The material is based on real-world problems that embedded developers face in the industry today.

Advanced User Track

Kernel Lab
10:45–12:45 Rossini 1
Darren Hart—Intel
Hands-on exercises showing how to modify and configure the Linux kernel using the Yocto Project Linux kernel tooling.
Eclipse Lab
10:45–12:45 Rossini 2
Jessica Zhang—Intel
Hands-on exercises for people to get familiar with Yocto Project Eclipse plug-in and other major developer tools, i.e. Hob and
yocto-bsp. Demonstrates end-to-end efficient image customization and BSP layer creation.
Advanced Customization
13:45–14:30 Verdi
Khem Raj—Juniper Networks
In-the-trenches perspective on how the Yocto Project can be leveraged to bring your distribution up to speed in terms of customization and scale.
The linux-yocto Kernel from Scratch
14:35–15:20 Verdi
Bruce Ashfield—Wind River Systems
A discussion about how the linux-yocto repositories are constructed and maintained, with particular emphasis on configuration fragment management and how to track linux-yocto for custom BSPs.
License Compliance
15:40–16:25 Verdi
Beth Flanagan—Intel
According to a recent survey, more than 90% of products based on open source operating systems are out of compliance with their respective licenses, either from the complexity of complying or from a lack of knowledge about what is needed. The Yocto Project makes license compliance so easy that there is no reason not to comply. This talk explains how.
Usability: A Community Discussion
16:30–17:15 Verdi
Chris Hallinan—Mentor Graphics
The objective of this session is to engage the Yocto Project developers in an interactive discussion about the Yocto Project and tool usability, specifically focusing on the end-user experience. Several real-world customer scenarios will be presented with the hope of developing a constructive community conversation around these scenarios and potential (or existing) solutions to these scenarios.

All Attendees

Wrap-Up & Reception
17:15–19:30 Verdi
Moderator: Sean Hudson—Mentor Graphics
Join the entire Yocto Project team for feedback and refreshments. Beer, wine, and hors d’oeuvres provided.


Dev Day takes place at the Hotel Fira Palace in Barcelona, Spain, on November 8, 2012. Plenary sessions are held in the Verdi room. Labs are held in Rossini 1 and 2.

Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 09:00 to 18:00
Sponsor: Yocto Project
Venue: Hotel Fira Palace
Location: Barcelona, Spain