Introductory Hands-On Lab: Creating a Custom Embedded Linux Distribution

This hands-on lab leads attendees through the creation of embedded images using Yocto Project tools, building on the knowledge learned in the previous presentation. The lab requires attendees to use their own laptops to connect to a local virtual private cloud server using VNC, where they will perform the builds as if they were local and then see the results in an emulated environment using QEMU.

Kernel Lab

These materials started as a Yocto Project 1.3 "Danny" lab for Yocto Project Developer Day at ELCE 2013. Author Tom Zanussi has kindly updated them for later versions, including YP 1.4 "Dylan", YP 1.5 "Dora", YP 1.6 "Daisy" and YP 2.1 "Krogoth".